Senior Vice President


Ms. Wessling has over 2 decades of experience in environmental management in quality assurance, data quality assessment, data validation, project management, environmental compliance and laboratory testing. She has direct experience in performing laboratory workflow system evaluations, including cost benefit analyses of retention of laboratory capabilities versus outsourcing of testing. Ms. Wessling has designed analytical laboratory layouts to maximize efficiencies following a work-cell concept. She has written quality assurance project plans, data validation procedures, analytical statements of work, laboratory quality control manuals and analytical portions of sampling and analysis plans. She has extensive experience in laboratory coordination for large-scale analytical programs supporting investigation, remediation and monitoring projects. Ms. Wessling is a lead auditor and has performed laboratory audits on behalf of the U.S. Department of Defense and other federa, state and commercial entities. She has a strong background in method requirements, method development and optimization, and performance based method quality demonstrations of environmental testing of both organic and inorganic chemical constituents.

Ms. Wessling has performed scores of multi-media environmental compliance audits for federal clients. She has performed audits and quality assurance audits in states across the U.S. She has managed environmental baseline surveys (EBSs) for the Army National Guard. She has performed and managed environmental site assessment Phase I and Phase II transaction for years.

Ms. Wessling manages the Rocky Mountain Region for MECX and provides technical management for quality assurance, chemistry and data management.

EMAIL: elizabeth.wessling@mecx.net

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