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Environmental Due Diligence:

MECX provides a full range of environmental due diligence services for our clients, which include corporations, law firms, lending institutions, insurance companies, industrial facilities and governmental entities. Our services range from conducting due diligence assessments in conjunction with mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and other business transactions to acting as an overall program manager for comprehensive compliance audits of multiple commercial or industrial facilities.

MECX scientists and engineers have performed environmental due diligence assessments at a variety of sites ranging from undeveloped properties to complex industrial facilities. We understand the need for fast turnaround, and rapid selection and assignment of appropriate teams of technical experts to address each client's specific environmental requirements. MECX has seasoned professionals with expertise in performing environmental compliance audits for companies in highly regulated industry segments. We provide independent, objective and comprehensive audits to verify that corporate procedures are being implemented, regulations are being complied with and the correct priorities for improvement are being identified.


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