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Process Sewer Evaluations:

MECX understands that safety and minimal interference with plant operations are the key issues that confront chemical plants industries when trying to approach the RCRA requirement for process sewer integrity evaluations. We have developed a non-intrusive sewer system evaluation protocol that has been accepted by most regulatory agencies as the standard for a successful assessment and optimum safety while minimizing impacts on plant operations. In addition to performing the assessment, MECX has developed a priority evaluation tool that enables the plant to program repairs systematically by addressing the greatest risk issues in sequence. And when contamination is suggested, our focus; on meeting client objectives by providing creative solutions using new, innovative and cost-effective remedial technologies through our Technology Partnership with international remedial solution providers.

Innovative Non-Intrusive Process Sewer System Evaluations:
MECX's approach to integrity evaluation of process sewers has been developed over a 25 year period and is recognized as one of the most safe, cost-effective and innovative approaches to sewer system evaluation. This approach uses low head hydrostatic test protocol's that were developed from the USEPA Inspection and Infiltration program used in the 1980's for the evaluation of Sanitary Sewers throughout the United States. The approach uses proprietary equipment to eliminate explosive vapors from junction boxes and manholes while systematically test consecutive pipe segments thus minimizing interference with operations, minimizing water use and generating no waste. Planning and data evaluation ensure the success of the program. MECX has developed systematic identification program for the process sewer system that enables detailed evaluation and recovery of data. After the data is collected, a Prado evaluation is performed to prioritize subsequent intrusive assessment and response as necessary.

Recent Projects:
MECX's staff is currently performing RCRA renewal evaluations at Chemical plants in the USA. Former assessments have been performed for Chemical Plants, Refineries and Industrial facilities in Gulf Coast as well as Commercial facilities and Laboratories that handle chemical wastes.



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