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Site Investigation:

MECX personnel have a long history of providing site investigation and integrated site closure for many large and small corporations, law firms, lending institutions, industrial facilities and governmental entities. Our services range from conducting due diligence assessments in conjunction with mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and other business transactions to managing comprehensive compliance audits of multiple commercial and industrial facilities.

Our scientists and engineers have conducted Phase II environmental due diligence assessments at multiple sites, ranging from undeveloped properties to complex industrial facilities. We are sensitive to the varying dynamics of corporate transactions and understand the need for rapidly selecting and assigning appropriate teams of technical experts to address client's specific environmental requirements. Given that we are the leading-edge experts in soil & groundwater remediation, we know what to look for when our clients want cost-effective site closures.

Our technical depth enables us to optimize site investigation services to meet client financial and transactional needs and regulatory-driven requirements. Many of these projects have focused on obtaining data for evaluating property transfers, identifying contaminant source areas, developing remedial action plans, and obtaining site closure. MECX provides and combines the following site characterization services to ensure the project-specific goals are achieved:



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